Established in 1997 we have been making dreams come true ever since.

We are a DVSA Approved Training Body

Kickstart is an Accredited MCIAC Training School

Train with Kickstart and get up to 7.5% off your insurance with Carole Nash

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We have great team of very experienced Instructors who all teach in a relaxed and constructive manner

1 Trainee – Dan

1 Down Trained Instructor – Sue

2 Cardington Assessed CBT Instructors – Mark K. and Donat

8 Cardington Assessed CBT / Direct Access Instructors – Mark E. Peter Will Guy Richard Roz Nigel Ken

5 Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists Members – Peter Richard Ken Will  Guy

2 RoSPA Diploma in Advanced Riding Instruction Holders – Richard and Peter

Discounted insurance from Carole Nash as you will have trained with an MCIAC Accredited Training School

Offer of free Motorcycle Live Tickets for all pre-test riders who complete the MCIAC customer satisfaction survey

Twin training centers, Keynsham and Clevedon

The Clevedon Center has 50,000 sq.ft. that can be used for Module One Training, all the exercises can be practised actual size

The Clevedon Center is away from busy Bristol traffic and is ideal as a CBT site for more nervous/less experienced riders

The Keynsham Center is 10 minutes away from the Bristol DVSA Motorcycle Test giving plenty of time for training around the Module Two Test Routes