Peter  is approved by the DVSA to conduct CBTs, Direct Access Training and train motorcycle Instructors. He also holds an IAM First, RoSPA Gold and a RoSPA National diploma in Advanced Riding Instruction

Peter started riding motor bikes when he was 11, or so, petrol was 2 shillings and 6 pence a gallon, and half a gallon was enough for a Saturday afternoons entertainment on a BSA Dandy round the back of the local gravel pits before the local bobby turned up and told us to clear off !

Since then there is not much he has not done on a motorcycle, off or on road.

He became a bike instructor getting on for 40 years ago, first as a hobby, before giving up a boring office job designing roads to to work with CSM the first professional national training scheme. He set up Kickstart in 1997 to give him the freedom of running his own business.

Known for being very laid back, he will not get upset if you drop one of his bikes.