Use of Speed or the art of creating time and being in the right place at the right time or  ” Make progress – Don’t rush “

Inappropriate speed is a major reason for failing the test, but not for the reason you might think. We all need time to take in information, process that information, and then make a decision. If you ride even slightly faster than you can take in and process information and come up with a sensible decision, you will make mistakes. Not unreasonably if you make to mistakes you will fail the test. Ride within/at the speed limit and ride at speed you are comfortable with.
There are several things you can do to help create the time you need  to make good decisions

Drop the speed

Even dropping the speed by a couple of miles/hour can give you time to make the right decision There is no rush on test, what are you doing ? Riding in a big circle back to the test centre, you aren’t late for work, why do you want to rush back to the test centre so the examiner can do the next test, it is not your problem! Yes they want to see you make progress and ride up to the speed limit but ONLY when appropriate.

Use of speed

Where it is sensible positively accelerate up to the speed limit, I don’t mean red line the bike in each gear but show some confidence with the bike. Doing this will show the examiner that you know what the speed limit is and can be useful in positioning you away from the rest of the traffic.
Approaching any sort of hazard and or junction ease off the throttle gently to give yourself more time to assess and then deal with the situation. On larger bikes from higher speeds if you shut off the throttle completely you will slow down quickly with NO warning to other road users, consider putting on enough braking to light up the brake light. With the bike parked how far do you need to move the front brake lever for the light to come on ?
Where the road is clear of hazards and you have good visibility cruise at the speed limit.
As soon as the road develops more hazards, parked cars, junctions, and all the rest ease off the speed. If 20mph is comfortable around a housing estate with a 30 limit do 20mph!
By changing the speed as needed you are giving yourself time to deal with situations safely but showing confidence when appropriate.
Ride at a speed near junctions that will allow other road users to see you in time. What does that mean ? There are a lot of situations where your road has priority but drivers trying to join your road have limited visibility as they try to pull out. At what point can the other driver see you ? If you come out of the ” blind spot ” quickly do not be surprised to have a vehicle pulling across your path. Have some imagination and try and see it from their point of view as well, what can’t the other driver see ? There is more to ” Be safe Be seen ” than just turning your lights on. Think about your speed and position.


Look ahead as far as you can, that way you will have longer to plan and consider your options

Spend Time on the bike

What has time on the bike got to do with the use of speed ? Just about every thing ! It is a mistake to try and cut down training to a minimum, the more time and miles you put in the more and more the subconscious part of your brain will take on the routine stuff of controlling the bike. If you are riding well you should be barely aware of the bike, whether or not you have changed gear or even aware of how/if you are braking it should all become automatic. This leaves the conscious part of your mind to plan and deal with changing traffic situations.