This is the route to take if you want to ride an unrestricted motorcycle. You will need to be 24 years or older. This course is a lot of fun and in our opinion is the ideal way to get into motorcycling. You will start off on a 125 cc motorcycle and progress onto the larger bikes as soon as is sensible.

Starting on a 125cc means you won’t feel intimidated by the weight and power of a 600cc motorcycle and we can teach you all the basics very easily. Once on a larger bike you will soon get used to the extra weight and power of a ‘proper’ motorcycle and we can build up your skills and confidence levels. So you can easily pass the Module One and Two tests.

A typical Direct Access Course will last four days, if you have a full car licence.

Day One – one of our thorough CBTs ( everything on the CBT syllabus relates to something you will need for the Module One and Two tests so we don’t cut corners )

Day Two – Module One Training day, normally involving a visit to our Clevedon centre for Mod One practice, a visit to the Bristol DVSA test centre to look at the test area and as much Module two Training as we can squeeze in.

Day Three – Module One Test day, normally the test is in the afternoon so we can refresh anything your not comfortable with and spend the rest of the time with Module two training.

Day Four – Module Two Test day, again we normally book afternoon tests so we have time for refresher training in the morning running up to your Module two test

Add on a conversion day if you do not have a full car licence.

Add on a conversion day if you are not physically confident.

Consider taking off a day if you already have a lot of experience.

If in doubt take a longer course, you will have a much better chance of passing the test first time, and you will save the cost of retaking the test.

If you are still not sure, take just the CBT and see how you get on, it will not cost you any more to split the course.

We will not try to sell you extra days you do not need, but some times there is no substitute for time spent riding and getting some miles in 🙂

Once you  have passed the  test you will then have an unrestricted licence and will be able to ride any machine that suits your needs. It would be wise to start on something around the 500cc to 600 cc level before moving onto larger bikes.

To get the best out of your new bike come back and take some advanced training with us.