Not taking enough training

I will put my hand up here straight away and admit I run a training school, but like the vast majority of bike schools we are not in it for the money, there are lots of other easier ways to make a living. We are bike instructors because we have a passion for bikes and really enjoy passing those skills on.
When you ring up a training school be open and honest with them and yourself about your own skills and abilities. A good school will discuss with you about the best type of course that would suit you. They will probably suggest if you have not ridden before taking just a CBT to see how you take to two wheels.
After you have rung several, go back to the school who you felt most comfortable with and who you felt gave you some honest guidance. Once you have done that then trust them in what they recommend.
Trying to cut down training costs by shortening the course will cause several problems all of which will cost you more money or worse later.

A greater risk of having to retake tests by not being fully prepared
Being taught only to pass the test
Only ever riding round test routes and not gaining wider experience
Having to learn the ” hard way ” after your test
Missing useful/vital skills that are not covered on the test ( I can think of lots situations not covered by the test )
You won’t enjoy the course if you are being crammed for the test, ( that’s just good enough, now we need to do this )
Not having time to discuss types of bikes, what sort of kit to get, which are the best local bike shops.
Having an instructor who is as stressed as you are trying to get you up to test standard without the time needed to do it.
The stress of taking a test you know you are not properly prepared for.

Book an extra days training, it will make all the difference to what you get out of your course !