Looking at the problem probably made a lot of sense if you were about to be eaten for most of our evolution. These days target fixation as it normally known does not help in a lot of situations, you will go where you look on two wheels.
The absolute classic case is the U turn, it doesn’€™t matter how good your slow control skills are if you look at the kerb opposite you as you turn you will run into the kerb. Once you learn to look up and shift your gaze into the distance where you want to be U turns are easypeasy.
This problem of target fixation arises in all of these situations.
Riding at night and being drawn towards the lights of oncoming traffic, ( look left at where the road goes ).
Misjudging corners and running out of road, ( force yourself to look at the exit of the corner ).
Potholes and poor road surfaces, ( look at and ride on the good surface ).
Hazards in general, if you look at the hazard what ever it is you will tend to ride towards it, ( look at the space you have ).
It is very important to train yourself to look towards where you want to be next, if you can manage it you will avoid a lot of potential and real accidents.