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Do you need cheap transport to get around Bristol or Bath ? Happy to ride a 50 or a 125 on L plates ? Or do you want to gain experience on two wheels before taking the motorcycle test then you will need a Compulsory Basic Training course.

Click to book a CBT

Training is the important bit, it is not a test, I mention this because some people come in really stressed thinking I must get this right first time or I won’t pass. It’s really not like that at all, it is a fun day learning new skills, but you will have a head start if you have read the Highway Code, and have a look at Kickstart’s E Learning Resource

You can take a CBT at either of our centres, Keynsham, or Clevedon

Hiring a bike for your CBT? We can’t promise but you could easily be using on of our new Bullit motorcycles or NECO scooters.


You must have provisional valid licence for the bike you are going to ride and you must be able read a standard number plate from at least 20.5 meters.

Come sensibly dressed, we can loan jackets, gloves and helmets, but jeans and stout foot wear would be sensible.


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