Motorcycle_DriverOK, so you’ve passed your test and now you’re a motorcyclist, right? Wrong! Although you’ve been through the stringent DVSA testing process and been awarded a motorcycle license, there’s a whole lifetime of learning in front of you…read on!

Whether you’ve been riding for 2 years or 20 years, undoubtedly you’ve had a moment or two where things probably didn’t go to plan.  Whether it was a ‘near miss’, a ‘close shave’ or a moment when you had to hold your breath and grab the brakes, advanced rider training can solve these problems.

Have you ever experienced any of the following:

  • Drivers pulling out in front of you?

  • Drivers in front suddenly braking and you braking harshly?

  • Braking halfway round a corner / bend or roundabout?

  • Things at the side of the road ‘happening’ suddenly (cyclist moving out, car emerging from driveway, people crossing the road)?

  • ‘Rigid riding’ when it starts raining or the road surface is wet; upright tip-toe everywhere at slow speed?

  • Your friends or other rider going round bends at a quicker pace than you?

  • Having trouble keeping up when riding in groups, or feeling ‘pushed’ when riding in groups?

  • Points on your license through speeding or other driving offenses?

  • Not getting the fuel consumption you’d hoped for?

  • Arriving at work after the morning commute, stressed and sweaty because of other people?

  • Following other vehicles forever because you’re not sure, or apprehensive, about overtaking?

  • Eating your way through tyres, especially the back one?!

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the above, then advanced rider training is for you.

All of these, and much more can be solved with simple advanced rider training from Kickstart Motorcycle Training Ltd.  Courses run informally, with groups of up to 4 riders (why not get your mates along for some fun?), and cover quite a lot of ground.

This ain’t CBT, this is advanced riding…

Join one of our RoSPA qualified advanced instructors for a day of tuition in advanced riding techniques, whether its cornering, countryside, downhill bends, or even motorway riding. We can tailor your day around your needs, focusing and developing the areas in which you wish to improve.

Entry requirements;

CBT, A1, A2 or full category A license.

Own clothing including helmet, gloves, motorcycle boots and textile or leather protective jacket and trousers.

A motorcycle capable of achieving national speed limit (NSL); 70mph on dual carriageways.

Please note; due to the higher speeds and distances covered during advanced training, you will require suitable motorcycle clothing, jeans and jacket are not acceptable and our instructors will not be able to take you onto the public highway.

Through riding and discussion sessions; aided by video and commentary, your RoSPA Instructor will assist you in developing the knowledge and techniques needed to ride at an advanced level. This can lead directly on to the RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test; the highest civilian test available to motorcyclists.

Not only will your risk of accident or injury be greatly reduced, but your insurance premiums can drop quite dramatically at the same time. Alongside this, many professional motorcycle careers are looking for advanced riding qualifications, and your training can place you in a strong legal position should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident.

As motorcyclist we are one of the most vulnerable road users, but also the least protected. Tip the odds in your favour and enrol onto an advanced course today.

Advanced riding is really what motorcycles are for, managing to be in the right place at the right time at the right speed.

Contrary to what you might think it is not about maximum speed, but it is about maintaining a good average speed with the minimum of stops resulting a smooth swift ride that covers the ground efficiently.

We have 2 instructors who hold a National Diploma in Advanced Riding Instruction and IAM qualifications .

Give us a call on 01179 866200 to discuss what you want to get next from your motorcycling adventure.
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